I will post essays on some of my favorite movies from time to time. Hope you enjoy.

Aliens (1986)

Synopsis:  Ellen Ripley returns to planet LV-426 with Space Marines en tow, then lots of people die.

One of the reasons that “Aliens” is an instant classic is that the viewer does not need to have seen “Alien” in order to enjoy its sequel.  Usually, a standalone story would indicate that the sequel had little connection to proceeding film, but James Cameron deftly dispenses with those conventions by having just enough exposition in order to get the viewer up to speed.  In the first twenty minutes, we learn that Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) encountered the titular alien before and it killed everyone on her spaceship, save her and the cat, Jones.  Aside from a bit of accounting from the unfeeling Weyland-Yutani Corporation (in the future, everyone must work for them) Ripley heads back to planet LV-426 in short order. (more…)

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