I’m not much of a blogger. I tend to feel like my day to day life is far from interesting reading, but something happened today and people showed a genuine interest, so it is only fair to give you the straight poop.

Our dog Sammy loves dog parks. I, on the other hand, loathe them. It’s great to exercise your dog, but it seems that all the well thought-out rules posted to help everyone enjoy the park are ignored by a majority of people who use the park. People with small, timid dogs don’t use the “Small / Timid” dog area. People who have ill-behaved dogs bring them to the park anyway, perhaps hoping that a little socialization is all the dog needs to be “cured”.

I don’t know if there is a specific rule about surly old dogs biting young pups for no reason, but there should be. I wasn’t there to witness the actual event, but I was assured that it was completely unprovoked. I hoped that I would be able to dress Sammy’s wound with a first aid kid, but the minute I saw it, I knew we needed to call the Vet.

Unfortunately, our regular Vet had gone home for the night, so we were referred to a nearby emergency clinic. The wait time was long, but they finally let me know what I already expected, she was going to require stitches.

The owners of the offending dog, Cheddar ( who names a dog Cheddar?) have offered to pay all medical costs, and I hope they do because dog stitches ain’t cheap. I am skeptical that these people will follow through on their promise.

Thanks for the show of concern and kind words on Twitter. Sammy is resting comfortably and is quite disorientated. She gets up every hour and wanders the house like a drunken fool. I half expect her to wake me up at 5 am, and beg me to cook her a patty melt.

Here are some pictures of the day.

Sammybite 002

Sammybite 001

Sammybite 003
“Why does this shit keep happening to me?”


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